Little Girl Little Girl

why are you crying?
Inside your restless soul, your heart is dying.

Green Day

There I was with my face hiding behind the skirt of my Grandma. She was arguing with two looming strangers standing at the front door. Grandma was holding my sister, three years younger. There was anger and shouting. I didn’t understand except Grandma kept saying my sister was too young to go. I remember as it was only yesterday, “let Linda decide, she’s old enough”. How could my Grandma do this. Terror crept through me.
I was young, only five years old but I knew I was expected to make a decision. Now I knew the woman. She was my Mother and wanted to take me away from the only home I knew. It was happiness and safety here. She went on to tell me how I would have friends with her. She wanted me, how could I hurt her and say no. It was then that I noticed a man standing behind this woman who said she was Mother. A chill went through my body, my heart fell and I saw evil. I was now destined to leave my home and happiness behind.
Life was never happy and carefree again.


Woodstorks are one of Florida’s wading birds. Their land is being scraped clean, wetlands and cypress swamps being filled and soon the Woodstork himself also gone. Florida is taking their land away for tax paying inhabitants. The entire beauty that was Florida is going, going then quickly gone.
I am fortunate and live near nesting Woodstorks. The guy you see is a regular visitor to our front door. Al is friendly and his gently snapping bill hasn’t enough strength to bring blood. Albert or as I call him for short Al just follows me around till I close the door staring at his sad face and big black eyes.
I never know when he’ll be back but you must see his feet and nails. Very Gothic. I don’t want to tell too much it would ruin it.
Till your next visit Al, stay safe.

Sun Always Rises

Sun Always Rises

I ran to the balloon thinking he would wait. Couldn’t he see there was a missing novice balloonist? Novice? Maybe that’s a bit over exaggerated. The closest I had ever been to a balloon was underneath waving for my ride.
Away they go..I can hear their excitement. Wait!…. I recognize that voice!
That was my Mother that went out for coffee. I had been looking for her.
She was now me, riding high in the sky.